samsung galaxy microphone problems

3 easy ways to troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy microphone problems

BY Andrei M. / February 24, 2017
BY Andrei M. / February 24, 2017 / How To

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When you’re having Samsung Galaxy microphone problems, it usually means you can hear people talking to you through the device, but they can’t hear you talking back.

And this kind of problem almost always seems to happen just when you’re expecting an important phone call, amiright? It’s like the statistical probability of a life-changing phone call increases a thousandfold the moment we can’t access our device!

But don’t worry, this could be an easier fix than you think.

The microphone not working could be caused by a few different things. It doesn’t (necessarily) mean that your microphone or device has been damaged in any way.  So hold off on getting it repaired until you go through Updato’s handy dandy troubleshooting guide below.

This article will show you exactly what you need to do to fix your mic issues on your own with just a few simple adjustments.

Before you start…

Before troubleshooting any microphone issues, make sure that the device isn’t paired with a Bluetooth headset or any wireless headphones. If it is, it could create issues during the troubleshooting process.

Why? Because after a while, Bluetooth and wireless headsets are prone to fail, and are likely to cause mic issues with your phone.

Be sure to test the mic after you’ve removed your headset to make sure the headset itself isn’t the cause of your problems.

3 easy ways to troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy microphone problems

Option 1: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

Depending on what device you have, your first option is to remove the battery from the phone (S6 owners, you obviously can’t do this. Just turn off your phone and grumble about Samsung’s decision to include a fixed battery).

Remove the battery and let the phone sit for a minimum of 30 seconds. Place the battery back into the phone, power the device on, and test to see if the problem with the microphone has been fixed.

Option 2: Kick those third party apps to the curb

Samsung Galaxy microphone problems could be caused by third party applications.

In order to rule this out, start your device in safe mode and test the microphone while in safe mode. This nifty trick forces all third party applications to shut down so that only the built-in apps on your phone are functioning.

Putting your device into safe-mode is a snap. Here’s how to disable any third party apps:

  1. Shut down the device and wait 30 seconds before turning it back on.
  1. Press and hold the power button on your phone until a visual appears on the screen. This visual differs from device to device, and generation to generation (but we promise you’ll know it when you see it). After it appears, release the power button.
  1. Once you release the power button, press and hold the volume button down. Continue to do this until the device has fully rebooted.
  1. At this point, the phone should be in safe mode—and the words, ‘Safe Mode’ should appear at the bottom of your screen.
  1. Your phone is now in safe mode; release the volume button and test the microphone.

The best way to test is by using the recorder app on your device to record a short audio clip.

After you finish recording, replay the clip. If you can hear the sound clearly, it means that the microphone is working properly outside of calls.

If you notice that you can barely hear anything, or if you hear nothing at all, you may need to do a – shudder – factory reset.

Option 3: “Last resort” factory reset

Look, no one wants to do a factory reset. Even with cloud backups, you always end up losing some data, plus all of your settings get mangled.

We know it blows, but sometimes only a factory reset can fix the issue. Sad face.

On most phones, you can perform a factory reset by going to Settings and selecting “Reset to Factory Settings” or “Factory Reset”.

Done with troubleshooting? Test away!

So at this point, you’ve taken the battery out and restarted your phone, checked those pesky third party apps, and/or done a factory reset. Now let’s see if your microphone is back up and running…

Does the microphone work now? No?

If you’re still having problems with your microphone, you could try cussing and swearing, but alas, your phone won’t hear you (nor will it care).

This might be a good time to pop on over to your Samsung dealer with fingers crossed that it can be repaired.

On the upside, it’s also a great time to sing it loud and proud, because only the neighborhood dog will know how off-key you’ve veered.

And if you’re a magical wizard who’s somehow solved your mic problems all by your lonesome, don’t be stingy – share the wealth! Regale us with what worked for you in the comments below, or on our forum.

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  1. I’ve done all these things on my Galaxy Note 1 including taking it to the repair shop (he replaced the mic and the problem still exists). I believe there is a firmware update on jellybean and I’m hoping Samsung have included a fix in that update.

    1. Best thing to do is look for the tiny hole on the bottom (the microphone) and clean it out with a pin! mine was full of dust!!!

    2. I tried the paper clip method and it worked! Thank you everyone for sharing that idea! Saved me some dollars lol

    3. Woah. Cleaning the F&%%%@ Mic hole dos the job. I should have read before factory resseting my SM-A500H. This clearly shows the lack of invesent Samsung puts towards their phones. A really weak quality test might be performed on these devices. I was about to install previous stock ROM to determine if that might fix the issue, but just cleaning the mic input hole with a paper clip was just genius!

    4. Thank you soooo much You saved me a silly bill i could hear people on the phone but people couldnt hear me, i did clean the little hole with a needle, its working perfectly now

    5. My microphone just suddenly cut out to callers, but I was still able to voice to text. I tried 3 things that were suggested on this forum…took the battery out, cleaned the microphone hole with a needle and unchecked the noise reduction setting AND THE PROBLEM WENT AWAY! Don’t know which one did the trick but I am happy it was that simple!

    6. Wow! I just pocked the little hole with a wire clip and it worked. I really like the phone and I was thinking of replacing it. Thank you so much for the post.

    7. That worked perfectly! Mines was packed full of dust

    8. The other side could not hear me during phone calls unless I put on speaker mode. Thanks for this article. I put on ultra power save to cut out the apps and what ever else. The phone worked! I recently seemed to be getting a lot of messages from mac afee security looking permission to “mess” with my phone so I then took off powersave, denied access to them and somehow put a stop to them contacting me and all is great again! Strange that an app supposed to protect your phone would render my phone useless until I found this article.

  2. I have a Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro. I am on my third phone since March. All have the same problem. This seems to be an intermittent mic problem. I can hear the other person fine. They can hear me off and on or can hardly hear me. It doesn’t happen on all calls but does happen very often. If I use ear buds, no problem. I’ve tried the speaker phone once. That worked fine but mic is on front of the phone and speaker is on back…not a good design. I’ll try speaker again before calling At&t for another replacement. Three phones, same model, same problem.

  3. I used a paper clip and stuck it in the little hole by the usb connection – fixed. (note 1)

    1. Cleaned mine out after reading here. Problem fixed. I did this after a factory reset, wish I’d read here first.

    2. Can’t believe this fixed my problem. Thanks so much, dude!

    3. THANK YOU SO MUCH – I cant believe that was that simple.

    4. Author

      While this might help, I don’t recommend messing around with your microphone or speakers with sharp items, it might break more than it fixes.

      If our advice above doesn’t help, let us know on our forum!

  4. Dear sir/madam,

    I recently purchased a brand new Samsung s5. After only a few days the Mic has seized to work. I have followed the instructions on your website without joy. Having spoken to other avid Samsung fans, it appears this seems to be a common theme with your products.

    Is there a way I or you can rectify this?

    Kind regards,
    Peter Lines Turner

  5. everyone I talk to has a hard time hearing me as if the sound is muffled or blurred mt phone done it since day one , may return it and get a iphone if Samsung don’t figure it out soon I also havea s5 from us cellular

  6. This is my second Samsung Galaxy S5 handset sent to me by my mobile network. It cannot be a hardware problem given that the first time I used the phone the microphone worked perfectly well, it has to have turned faulty following a software update I installed. Has anyone else had this problem?

    1. Crazy! I turned off the noise reduction button as several of you mentioned and did another voice recorder test and it was MUCH louder and clearer! Samsung Galaxy S5. Thanks!!! Love my phone – but everyone was having problems hearing me. All good now!

  7. Just fixed exactly this problem on my daughter’s phone, by cleaning out the tony little hole where the microphone sits. Take a sewing needle tip and pull out the crap that’s in there. DON’T push the needle in too far or you will break the microphone which sits under the hole. Now calls are clear as new.

    1. Andy B… Thank you! I did the same thing and it worked. Your advice is cheaper than the advice I received from a staff member at the Carphone Warehouse who said I repairs would be expensive and suggested a new phone.

  8. I get a hissing background noise when watch playbacks of videos I have recorded on my s5 so I assumed it was a microphone issue, like it was being too sensitive or something. But when I used voice recorder it was totally clear. Need help.

    1. I am having the exact same problem currently with an S6. Did dyou every find out how to resolve this issue?

  9. I bought a Galaxy S5 last week and recently use video calls. My contacts say they do not hear me clearly (not loud). I did a recording and played back and I find the volume is soft. The volume on my speaker setting is on Max. How can my voice recording be made to sound louder? Thank you.

    1. Hi, I have the same problem with my phone. The recorded voice is muffled. I have Samsung Galacy S5 Neo

      Also In the camera, the pictures taken are darker than the preview and the option -2…..0……+2 does nothing to the exposure. Three pictures taken with -2 0 and +2 exposures looked exactly the same.

  10. I am on my second phone…when I call my provider they can hear me fine…problem is no one else can hear me well. I hear them perfectly. Most people I talk to say I sound like I am in a tin can or muffled and have trouble hearing me. Some folks (very very few) say they hear me fine. WTF?

  11. open up your dialer then press settings > calls

    now scroll down to where it says ringtones and sounds

    now untick Noise reduction and try a call again

    1. I did as you suggested and after 3 months of frustrated conversations where the other person could not hear., it is all clear now. Thank you and so no need to stick pins in any holes.

    2. Hi, I want to try this on my S5 Neo, but I can’t find “calls” in the settings. Where is it?

    3. un-checking noise reduction worked, mine is a brand new galaxy grand prime & I thought it was just because it was a cheaper phone, was so upset with it. Thanks so much!!

    4. Wow…. I have been having the nobody can hear me except on speaker issue for at least 5 months, looked on a million sites, tried everything. Note 4.

      Noise reduction setting off, phone works perfect. They like bury that setting because I have been through every screen 600 times and never saw it.

      Should edit the blog to include that tidbit…

      Seriously you are the man petedavo

  12. Had S3 no problem this S5 which is now my 2nd one has very poor mic other party constantly company they cannot hear me. Also say it’s intermittent an hear some words .can u help. Very dissapointed.

  13. Thanks Dan I fixed my s3 with a straightened staple the little hole was blocked whoo hoo

  14. Wheno am making a call with my earpiece on, the person on the other side can not hear me but I can hear the person.

  15. Had S3 it was great. This is the 2nd S5 and the mic is terrible. Samsung should recall all or refund money . Aside putting the mic in front .

  16. I had a S5 and it had a mic problem.
    Intermittently, other end would say my voice would drop out and it could be muffled in regular mode,
    Speaker always works and doesn’t cut out my voice, but can echo for people on other end.

    exchanged it for a LG G3 same problem, traded in the G3 for another G3 STill the same problem…

    I have removed SD card did factory rebooot on all phones, and did not down load music or software, everything was stock.

    common theme is that they are all verizon phones, I switched rom T mobile to verizon, this is not a netwroking issue becaues speaker and headphones works fine and sends my voice signal.
    I think it is verizons software on the kitkat 4.4 software has some conflict. there is no noise reduction control on the LG G3, which begs the question if it doesn’t work why is it there in the first place, and if you’re in a quiet room why would it cancel?

  17. I have been having this issue of others saying I am cutting out during a call. My provider says it is not a known issue on the Galaxy S5, but a simple Google search indicates that it clearly is. I have just turned off my noise reduction feature as well, hoping that fixes my issue.

  18. Me too just cleaned the tiny hole beside the USB input .with sewing needle , and a small piece of cotton with alcohol . but be careful don’t push . it made a huge difference

  19. I buy glaxy note 1.its mic not working well.actually when i call to someone,the other person cant hear my voice,then i turn on loud speaker after then he can hear my voice.i check it from sound recorder but sound recorder also not recorded my voice.if i talk through skpe, both mic and speaker working perfect.please solve my issue

  20. the problem is that I loose the mic when I am on Skype Speakerphone or GSM Speakerphone.

    any app while me on speaker, then other end can’t hear me. when I am on the normal mode, they can hear me fine. so what is the issue ?

  21. too bad , this was not expected from samsung, they have not replied to any of the above queries

  22. I tried all the main suggestions except factory reset. None worked so I dismantled it to reveal the mic hole (which seems to be covered by the case on my GT-i1860). Then I just cleared the dirt out by sucking it. First time it improved a bit. Second time it improved a lot.

  23. Samsung please do something about this “loudspeaker not functioning drama”… how can we spend such an amount of money on dis only to turn “junk” within a short moment.

  24. I have samsung galaxy s5 and can’t hear people while it is on speaker. They can’t hear me, so I put them on speaker. Have tried turning it up already and have taken battery out and restarted. Still not fixed

  25. I have a K Zoom and When I use the 2G network (the strongest here) the person Im talking with hears loud wizzing sounds like those heard if you put the mobile next to a TV ot radio…etc. it seems the microphone gets affected by the phone’s signals…plz any idea I dont want to send my phone for repair…I bought it 2 months ago and this happens from day 1.

  26. I have Galaxy S4 – and the OPPOSITE problem as Elias (above). My calls on SPEAKERPHONE are working JUST FINE. But no one can hear me when I conduct a “normal” (i.e. non-speakerphone) call. Only one mic and it works fine in one mode, but not in the other. Has to be a software glitch. Have made sure that “Noise Reduction” is OFF (never was ON anyway). Done every test in the book, battery-out reset, incoming test, outgoing test, etc. No one can hear me unless I use speakerphone mode.

    1. I have the same problem! I have called Verizon and done their troubleshooting techniques and I got nothing. So frustrating

  27. I have a Samsung Galaxy s5 and while on a phone call the person on the other end can’t hear me very well. This happens with all my calls

  28. Your steps do not help. Turning off noise reduction does. Took me 3 months of suffering to figure that out.

    1. How do you do this? I can’t find “calls” in settings. Where is it?

  29. Mic is not working on my Samsung Galaxy s5 active,on video recorder it works fine,have not attempted the factory reset yet,if the reset doesn’t work what will be my next step,thanks.

  30. I had the same problem recently with my Note 4. Glad I read these comments because it was just the mic hole that was plugged.

  31. I’m having exact same problems with my S5. When I’m on a voice call, the person I’m talking to can’t hear me clearly. And it seems a lot of other Samsung S5 users are experiencing it too. I’m definitely switching to Iphone after this hassle.

  32. It seems that your microphone problem is widespread. I have carried out to two fixes you have advised and did not fix the problem.I sent my phone to the company I purchased the S5 from and they said it would cost £150.00 to replace the microphone.I think this is totally unacceptable and think that it should be replaced under warranty, as I have nto had my phone for 1 year yet. If I do not receive satisfaction with this problem I will be forced to look for another type of phone manufacturer. I have had 3 samsung phones and was happy with your company until now.


  33. Hey guys i had the same problem before but already fixed it by just cleaning the little hole beside the usb port. I just used needle to clear it up, just dont push. And also i used alcohol and cloth. It works now! Hope this will help to all of you guys. God bless!

    I looked at my charging port and saw it was dirty. So I did this: I took a dry soft bristle toothbrush and scrubbed it back an forth a few times. I looked again and it was cleaner. Called up a friend and they could hear me! Problem solved! It worked for me, and my problem was weeks old where no one could hear me at all. Simple solutions do work best sometimes.

    1. The toothbrush worked with me – my problem was bad sound with standard mode but good quality with speakerphone.

  35. Samsung must be the worst phone manufacturer. Most times when I use the speaker phone, the other person says they can’t hear me well. I have to not use the speaker phone. What a poor design. Or is it poor manufacturing? I’ve looked and there is no solution to the inferior phone, except to get rid of this $700 piece of junk.

  36. I done 3 of the above on my S5 and seems to have solved the problem. Not sure which of the 3 was most effective

    1. battery out reboot
    2. Cleaned mic hole with a needle
    3. turned off the noise cancellation

  37. Hi,
    Thsnks for the tips with mic on smart phone followed your steps. I have a samsung galaxy s5. The sound works with voice recording and works if i put the phone on speaker phone during call, but when not on speaker people say they can’t hear me it’s like I’m distant. Any idea

  38. I cleared the mic. point near USB connector with a safety pin and problem was solved. My note 2 mic. was not working on normal call, but was perfectly working with speaker and whats app calling.

  39. Have an Samsung Galaxy S5 – May 5, 2014
    Telus Protection Warranty Plan May 18, 2014
    Been with Telus for 15 years
    Been with Samsung for 3years
    Always speaking hi of Samsung and Telus.

    My friends and family advised me that they couldn’t hear me well when i put them on speaker. This I thought was just a connection issue. Then this went on for over a year. Now, I cannot hear my alarms, people (phone call) on my speaker, nor can I hear any media items such as netflix or games or youtube.

    I love my Samsung S5. I want people to know as soon as you have an issue with the Samsung speaker go straight to your provider and get it straightnend out. The suggestion made by the people above are fantastic. Please don’t hesitate as my phone is out of warranty and now Securitel wants me to pay $150.00 deductible for a defective, refixed from the manufacturer phone and I am paying Telus $7.00 for Device Protection Warranty. I was told if anything happens my phone would be replaced. How do i know this? My S4 got water damaged and the Telus rep said” If you had device protection we would repair the phone or replace the phone at no extra charge.” Of course i took the protection. Furthermore, I am to be grandfathered into the telus device protection plan as securitel took over after I purchased the plan. Securitel wants $150.00 deductible (like car insurance) and telus is saying no….they can’t do anything but give me a $50.00 credit to my account. I still have to pay some company $150.00 and then still pay my
    contract. So would it not be better to put the $150.00 toward the $220.00 I owe to my contract? I think so. I am getting something back for sure. I am definitely going to the Samsung repair store. I think in the end I will be better off. AFTER TRYING THE ACTION POINTS ABOVE TAKE YOUR PHONE INTO YOUR PHONE PROVIDER, OR GO STRAIGHT TO SAMSUNG. PLEASE. ALL THE BEST TO YOU ALL. STILL LOVE MY LIFE COMPANION.

  40. If it’s packed with dirt, a toothbrush with alcohol will clean it up nicely. Valuable tool if your employees work in constrution

  41. I did the stick a pin into the mic pin hole thing and it works great now. Crazy!

  42. The Galaxy S5 sucks. I will never purchase a smart phone ever again. My next phone will be a flip-phone. Do not give into peer pressure and upgrade to a smart phone. They are way more trouble than they are worth. Skechy half-assed engineering and crappy developers have created a monster that fits in your pocket. You don’t need most of what it offers. Smart phones are for losers.

  43. galaxy S5-microphone problems -same as you-have tried all remedies Inc factory reset-voice recorder works as does Google on voice commands. Will try phone again tomorrow -phone is only 6 months old

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  57. Do you fix phone locked too? I need help to unlock my samsung galaxy s5 mini.So I need code unlock.. I heard about but I’m not familiar of the site…How about you?

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  59. cleaned the tiny hole on bottom of rugby pro, can you hear me now!!

  60. Took Battery out for 30 secs plus. Switched back on, working fine. I wouldn’t advise sticking needles or anything into the mike. Try a blast of compressed air if anything?

  61. I have been having a variant of the problem reported by others with my Galaxy S4. My mic works fine for OK Google, speaker calls, recording videos, when I am hooked to my car bluetooth or a plug in headset but….when I use the phone to make or receive a call and do not have it on speaker no one can hear me; I can hear them just fine. It started with the recent update of Samsung and 5.0.1 Android software pushed out by Sprint this month. I tried all the things I read (power cycle phone, remove and replace battery, turn off OK Google and other voice settings, replace SD card, Reset the phone to factory settings.
    The result – no one hear me when I make calls unless I have it on speaker phone and now I lost all my calendar entries and much of the phone set up.
    I did not call Samsung or sprint or best buy this time because I used these guys when I had a problem with my son’s galaxy gear getting properly charged. They were useless; they treated me like a ping pong ball, tried to get me to buy more crap and they promised to get back to me but never did. This went on for months and I was nearing hitting his gear with a sledge hammer and posting the video on Youtube to hopefully shame these guys when I found a post saying to charge it by plugging it into your PC and so I did …and Viola! not only did it charge but the device now charges with the normal plug in to the wall route….I learned from this that the real solutions and not with the guys that extracted money selling their crap but the community.
    I therefore ask one more time, any other suggestions before I kill my S4 and forever go to an apple phone?

  62. Don’t buy the galaxy S5 it’s a piece of shit when comes to making calls , this is the last samsung device i will ever get…low sound on normal calls, people can never hear me on speaker phone(unless i speak on the upper mic) , samsung engineered this phone like their asshole …. already cleaned the bottom mic , and tried everything in here… using some cheap lumia, sony lg or motorola devices give much better sound and cost 1/4 of my S5 … i am beyond disappointed on SAMSUNG.

  63. My Samsung Galaxy S6 brand new is having a microphone problems. Meaning that I can hear the people speaking on the phone, but they cannot hear you speaking.
    Strange enough they can hear me back if I connect my earphone to the 3.5 mm mic or put them on the speakers ( up in the air ) .
    So I look in the Galaxy S6 setting for microphone settings , but there are none , I can not find any > Does anyone knows how to get access to the S6 settings ?
    I did rfeset the phone and did not work , I can not remove the battery , it is fixed .
    Any ideas ?
    Thank you . Manuel E Chaves.

    1. Wife had similar problem. Took it to Verizon store and he did a soft reset. Bingo! Soft reset accomplished by pressing power off and volume down buttons simultaneously, holding until phone is off. (Worth a shot)

  64. This absolutely does not work and this is the NINTH freaking warranty replacement phone with the exact same problem. You can not sell faulty product and claim to send a “certified like new” phone that is that has the same defect!!! One or two maybe but 8 and 9 “certified like new” is a scam. Send the new S6 and give up on these pieces of shit S5’s or i swear to switch to apple….

  65. Used the ‘pin in mic hole’ solution that some people suggested on here. Worked a treat! Thanks

  66. Samsung Galaxy A3

    My mic is really quite when I speak on the phone the people on the other line can’t hear me. But when I do a voice record it sounds fine.. Can someone help me with that??

  67. I really like reading by way of and I believe this website got some genuinely utilitarian stuff on it! .

  68. Samsung Galaxy A3. Try turning off noise reduction from call settings menu (top right on the phone calling screen). Worked a treat for my new phone.

  69. 4 minis and one regular x5 since june. Using speakerphone nobody can hear me. Sounds cut in and out.

    ATT has told me so much bs such as everything indicates your service is working. Therefore the phone need replacing BY ME! She said if your electricity is working but your TV is out the electric company doesn’t but you a new phone.

    After a total of 18 hours and 27 minutes I found the answer right here. TURN OFF THE NOISE REDUCTION. Thanks ya’ll

  70. I upgraded to the G6 a few months ago and last month the mic just stopped working a few minutes after being on the phone. I could hear them but no one could hear me. I did all the resets and took it in to sprint, he used a staple to try and clean out the mic, no luck. He said the last resort was a hard reset which I wasnt happy about so I just dealt with it. Used a blue tooth for 4 weeks and today i decided to use a smaller pin to clean the mic, Im guessing the staple he used wasnt getting deep enough or something because I tested the google voice and it immediately picked up. Made several calls and we are good. Very little effort on sprints part and samsung wasnt much either. Thanks CC, I hope anyone else having this issue takes all steps necessary before a hard reset or replacement.

  71. This is happening with Samsungs. It happened with my S5 and now with my Galaxy Note Edge. I haven’t dropped it. It hasn’t gotten wet. It was working at 0130 and I put it on the charger. At 1130 the next morning, it didn’t work.
    I pulled the battery and did a full factory reset. I checked to see if anything was muted. Everything checked out fine. I cleared the caché. Samsung has an issue.

  72. Brilliant! I took out battery and put a needle in the whole. Nothing came out, but whatever the problem was, my mic works again. Thx alot!

    You can dig around in your hole if you want, can’t hurt too much….but the noise reduction software is the offending issue here…. unless you are somewhere with really loud background noise, like standing in a jet engine, DO NOT USE THIS FEATURE and you will be happier for it. Had the phone in for service, did the resets, cleaned out the hole and ya know what fixed the problem? Turning the noise reduction off! Also, the mic may be tiny, but speak to it kindly as raising your voice will also make you sound distorted (and probably like a douche) which is part of my problem as I end up getting louder when people can’t hear me and sometimes behave like a douche – robert

  74. I tried what ‘CC’ suggested and cleaned the tiny mic hole at the bottom of the phone with a pin and voila…problem solved with my S5.

  75. Gracias por el dato. Retire la batería del teléfono durante más de 30 segundos y luego limpie los tres micrófonos de mi Samsung Galaxy Note 4 con una aguja y todo volvió a la normalidad. Dios te bendiga.

  76. Thanks for the information. Remove the battery from the phone for more than 30 seconds, and then wipe the three microphones my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with a needle and everything returned to normal. God bless you.

  77. Cleaning out the mic hole next to the usb charger connection with a soft bristle tooth brush totally fixed it for me! Just jam it in there a couple of times and presto! Clear and loud sound. Used to be only audible on speakerphone. Normal calls and voice recording didn’t do anything. Thought it might have been a software issue but cleaning the mic hole totally worked. Did also turn of noise reduction and took out battery before but that didn’t help.

  78. I bought a Galaxy S5 and just from a first day when i called to some body they told me cant hear my voice. i called to service center and they said return phone to change or repair it.
    I found this this and try to clean my phone mic hole whit a thin things. when i push it through the hole i heard and fell tick voice. that sounds like cutting surface or something like that. Now sound transfer very clearly but i afraid about water proofing.
    oh i do that work for second mic too nd hear that voice again !
    it seam samsung forget to take cover of microphones before installing!!!
    but at all now i have a good phone ;)





    4. THANK ME :)


  80. #1 fix (removing battery) just did the magic on my phone. Thought I have to buy new phone. lol. Thanks a ton!!

  81. My phone is working…but my “OK GOOGLE” is not…I just installed a security app a few days ago…now the mic will not work on any apps….my phone us two weeks old…brand new Galaxy note 4

  82. I was freaking out, now it’s fixed thanks to these comments. Just used a toothbrush and got a few small flecks of dirt out, now it’s back to normal

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  84. I tried the pin in the microphone thing & it worked for me too.
    Would never have believed it, if I had not done it myself.

  85. Mine was a brand new Note 4 .. saw d comments n realised that the microfone small holes had stickers .. removed them and then it was fine .. Thanks guys ..

  86. Well I went to camera and heard my voice but when I go to Google and when it says speak now it can’t pick up my voice.

  87. YES! That cleaning the mic hole with a pin suggestion worked! Thank you so much!!!!

  88. Cleaned the mic with a pin and mines working now! It had something that looked like chocolate stuck in there so im blaming my toddler lol so glad I read the comments before taking it back to factory settings!

  89. This has been bothering me now for weeks and the solution was so obvious that i hadn’t even thought of it. Its not a hardware issue. Its more likely due to DUST building up in the microphone ports. The dust can block the ports which results in the microphone being unable to pick up your voice. This effects S Voice from hearing you and also tricks the speakerphone into thinking the phone is muted. If you use the voice recorder on the meeting setting, you can see that it doesn’t pick up some of the microphones. Clicking the speakerphone on and off temporarily fixes it but then the phone mutes the call again. Get a pin or a thin piece of wire and poke it into the 3 microphone ports. Now test everything again, S Voice, speakerphone and voice recorder.

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  96. Fb messenger update destroyed mine
    Uninstalled reinstalled
    So happy ))))))
    Hope this helps if mic works on handsfree
    Software app problem
    Happy bunny )

  97. Thanks for the post. Ironically, it didn’the specifically solve my issue, but as I was cleaning the microphone I realized something; I curl my pinkie under when I hold my phone. It occurred to me while cleaning the mic that when I make calls I curl my pinkie over the microphone. Called my husband to test and that was the issue. *facepalm*

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  99. I have issue related with ok google hot word problem, before past 2 months its working properly, but i dnt knw what happens but ok Google doesn’t work well its not hearing my word & not abel to activate it from any screen option.
    I called, mail to google but they said their no problem from there about my account with ok Google, manufacturer is also said he clean on he’s side.
    Now i am standing alone.

  100. thank you thank you thank you all sooo much for your help !!! a needle really made my microphone worked back again

  101. 4 s5 phones ive had now i replaced and now its done it again they are dodgy phones and the bin is where i feel like puting it

  102. Having serious calling throubles on Note4 (People couldn´t hearme well, the call went off and so on) i did:
    1) Soft reset, Set the pone off, remove the battery,
    2) Clean and align very well the sim and clean the battery pins.
    3) Clean the mic holes,
    4) Set off noise reduction,
    5) Enlarge the case holes.
    It seems to fix the problem, but I’ll do more test.
    Thank you
    Apparently the mic problem is because Samsung couldn’t manage software issues (Many mic apps fighting in the same phone in order to be the master. 3 mics not balanced…) mixed with the weak signal, bad cases desing and lack of proper manteinance.

  103. The pin trick! Totally worked, thanks -saved me a lot of money!

  104. I have put the pin of the sim card of my new s7 edge instead
    of the hole sim card in the microphone hole . Maybe instead a lot,
    I am not sure . Do you believe I have damaged the microphone
    and the water resistant of it ?

  105. The article is wholly useless, aside from the generous comment traffic showing ACTUAL SOLUTIONS, the pin trick works. The OP wasted all day just to say “try turning it off and on” wtf

    1. They should change the article to add try the paper clip first. Good thing I read the Comments before rebooting my phone

  106. Catts have an extraordinary sense of smell and they know that each caat has his or her own scent.

  107. HI ,
    can anyone help me about my QMobile X950 ? i can hear the voice of anyone on call with me , but he cannot hear me at all. yesss the Point is others can hear me while i am on Handfree / earphone / or when i keep my phone on speaker.. what’s the issue with Mic dear Team ??? Please help

  108. Thank you so much for your advice on cleaning the microphone! Saved me a great deal of frustration.

  109. Thank you very much guys the first tips ( option ) work for my galaxy
    You are the best thanks

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