One of the best features ever introduced in smartphones is the ability to share your mobile data with other devices via tethering. While several network carriers now offer unlimited data plans to the users, they also come with tethering limit on the data.

If you are among the T-Mobile users who enjoy unlimited data but is restricted to a limit on hotspot data, we have a way for you. With the help of this quick guide, you can easily bypass T-Mobile tethering limit on Android and enjoy high-speed data on a hotspot.

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Bypass T-Mobile tethering limit on Android

The APN in your device Settings is what restricts it to use a specific amount of data when using a hotspot. Since you can edit the APN of T-Mobile from the settings menu, you can easily bypass T-Mobile tethering limit.

bypass T-Mobile tethering limit

Head over to the Settings app on your Android device from the app drawer, or use the gear icon from the notification drawer. In the Settings app, you can find the related settings under the Mobile Networks tab (depending on your Android device).

Under the Mobile Networks menu, you can find “Access Point Names” (APN), which should include the network settings you need to edit. Tap on your T-Mobile network connection, select “APN type” and add “dun” to the section. Make sure you save the settings before you exit the network settings.

how to bypass tmobile tethering

Now reboot your device and you should have successfully able to bypass T-Mobile tethering limit on Android. If you are among the T-Mobile data plan users who can try out this neat trick, do get back to us on whether it works for you or not.

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  • Andrei M.

    I actually taught this to a friend over Skype, and it worked!

    What’s your experience with T-Mobile tethering? Let us know on our forum:

  • Bama Boy

    Thanks. Worked well for me…

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