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How to Automatically Backup Videos and Photos on Android

BY Bethwel Njore / May 15, 2015
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BY Bethwel Njore / May 15, 2015 / Apps, How To

Android handsets are more than just phones; they can also be portable camcorders and cameras. Many Android users don’t know how to automatically backup videos and photos from their Androids handsets. This article will help them on the issue. Backing up videos and photos helps you keep your memories safe even if you lose the physical storage.

Android users who love taking pictures can have them automatically backed up on the cloud storage services. You can use two cloud services to make sure nothing gets lost. The guidelines below contains multiple apps for you Android devices which takes care of keeping and uploading your videos and photos safe.

  1. Google+ Auto Backup

Most of Android handsets are coming with the Google+ app installed in their handsets. Google+ involves the very same applications for storing photos online. In case you don’t have the application on the Android handset, follow another method listed below

Download the Google+ application from Google Play Store

  • Log in to your Google account
  • Click on 3 vertical dots to access the pop down menu
  • Go to the settings & you’ll see the Auto-Backup option. It will automatically backup videos and photos on your handsets.
  • Turn the option on by tapping the switch on the top right-side of the screen. The greyed screen will be accessible.
  1. Dropbox Auto Backup

This is one of the most popular cloud storage services. The best part of it is that you can connect your PC with the Dropbox as well. Then your photos will be downloaded on your PC when the application is turned on. It also syncs all your handsets together.

  • Download the app from Google Play Store
  • Boot it from the icon
  • Make an account. You can give in your Gmail account.
  • Press the Menu button at the main screen & the sub menu will appear.
  • Click the setting option
  • Scroll down till you see the ‘Turn on Camera Upload’ option
  • Click on the Turn on Camera Upload & several options appear on the screen. Manage when and how the application automatically backup your videos and photos.
  1. OneDrive Auto Backup

OneDrive app is the cloud storage service provided by Microsoft for its users. Before the service was exclusive to window devices only but Microsoft has launched it on Android handsets. OneDrive provides an efficient way to automatically backup photos with ease.

  • Download the app
  • Tap on its icon to launch the application
  • Enter the details
  • After that you’re taken to the main screen.
  • Tap on the 3 horizontal lines at the top left side of the screen
  • Go to settings and tap on the Camera backup option & you’ll be taken to another screen
  • Tap on the automatic backup your photos.
  • You can also backup videos with an easy check of an option

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