Update: Fix Galaxy S3 Sudden Death here.

There has been a common issue with many Galaxy S3 devices around the world that has started to bother a lot of people. The problem is this: Galaxy S3 is suddenly dying and doesn’t turn on again until you take it to be repaired.

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All around the world people are bringing their devices in service because they will not turn on again. This problem has been named a “sudden death” for Galaxy S3. It’s like the phone is “committing suicide” out of nowhere. The issue with this problem is the fact that it doesn’t have a common pattern. The Galaxy S3 dies after charging, during charging over night, after turning the screen off it will not turn on again. As far as I can see it is a pretty scary problem.

The most common situation with the Galaxy S3 dying is when charging the phone over night. When you try to turn on the screen, it will not respond. You will not be able to turn on the phone with the power button. Pulling the battery off and on again also doesn’t help. It seems that the only resolution for this problem is to take your phone to be repaired in a specialized store.

The good this is that Samsung is responding well to this issue, meaning that they repair all the phones that are brought to them with this problem, or more likely they will give you a new one.

There is no official statement regarding this issue, but seeing how more and more Galaxy S3 owners are complaining about this, we can conclude that there are some real hardware issues with the Galaxy S3.

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  • Onno

    Today i have the same “sudden death” issue on my half year old Samsung S3. GT-I9300 Marble White

    • Elouali

      Same after 5 months

    • goldhoarder

      I welcome myself to the club

    • Tiffany

      MY phone suddenly died and wouldnt turn on either. I held the lock and menu button at the same time and it turned back on again!!

    • Chris

      My s3 worked yesterday then by lunch screen wouldn’t come on however the led and buttons at the bottom still light up think it may be sudden death

    • Tina

      This just happened to me today

    • Mike

      new member – after 4 months or so .

    • BravoWhiskey

      Thank you, Tiffany – your response was the key. I powered my week-old S3 off last night and couldn’t get it to turn on this morning.

      Holding the Power/Lock button and pressing the Home button turned it back on. Home is the button bottom center below the screen – it’s labeled “Menu” on the diagram, but it’s really “Home”. Thanks again!

    • uribe

      I have had the same problem. 8 year old galaxy s3. has not been dropped or water damaged

    • Krishna

      Same problem here after extensive utilization of 10months. Reported the problem at Samsung service center they said the mother board needs to be replaced!

    • Shaun

      Same here just after 1 year, so no warranty will be buying an iPhone next.

    • Esdras

      O meu acabou de apresentar este problema hoje 01/12/2013, usei normalmente minutos antes e o mesmo entrou em descanso de tela, quando toquei novamente não deu mais sinal de vida. E o pior é que não está mais na garantia. Quanto será que fica o reparo. Compensa?

    • Leonardo

      O meu não liga mais só fica aparecendo o nome dele e o modelo, mas antes disso ele ficava desligando sozinho, e isso depois de um ano e meio, e por favor me ajuda o meu telefone e meu instrumento de trabalho

  • Onno

    My S3 was working earlier this day and then there was nothing responding anymore. I thought maybe empty battery, but no, nothing is happening anymore so sudden. No sound no LED, no display, no NOTHING anymore!

    • mohammed

      Same with me also happend…what do I do ?the LED no sound working…Need an answer from samsung company…otherwise I will not let any one buy samsung products.

  • Amanat Husain

    I have the similar problem of Sudden death.

  • Safie

    I have faced the same problem today with my 4 month old S3

  • Joe

    I have the similar problem of Sudden death on my S3 16 GB model. Curiosley it have been crasht bevor the installation from the new update has began.
    Now back to the Manufacturer.

  • ben pablo

    my galaxy note 1 wc i just bought 1 month has a issue of dying suddenly its been happening for a lot of times now. i just take off the battery for about 30 secs or so then it starts again. is there a solution to this?

  • babu

    mines also crashed, no indication what so ever, just 1 month old phone, crap

  • My Galaxy SIII just died last night and will not reboot. I took it back to http://www.vodafone.com.au/ store and they told me that because my screen is scratched the phone is out of warranty.

    So now they have a pissed off client :-(

  • Basha

    I am facing the same problem now with my 4 days old Samsung Galaxy S3 marble white. I’m not sure whether it has a user friendly troubleshooting methods. I am really worried :(

  • Erik

    Same thing here.. worked a day before, put it to recharge over night and in the morning it was dead :((((
    I sent my phone to the shop, I hope it is possible to repair it, I don’t want a new one! I want my stuff back!!
    half year old phone with no problems at all and here.. suddenly it died, its a shame, shame on you Samsung.

  • Jason W

    Same Issue. This sucks so bad.. And these are all very common replies within the month of January. Is it best to go back to your carrier or talk with Samsung?

  • Nurlan Akhmetov

    I leaved my Galaxy S3 for charging at 3 am and when I woke up at 7 am in the morning couldn’t switch on my phone. I gave it the Vodafone shop where I bought it 7 months ago. They sent it to Melbourne for repairing, and I was waiting for 2 weeks. 2 weeks later they phoned me and as a result told me that the problem is water damage. They proved this verdict with help of small indicator and refused to repair it by warranty.
    But I’m pretty shure that there were no water in my phone. I was too careful with it all the times.
    I asked some repair shops how much it will cost me to repair it. $200-400. It’s ridiculous.
    Why I should pay for things I never had done (water/liquid damage)?
    I think it is software problem or smth with power supply. I tried to switch on the phone using another battery, but it doesn’t help.
    One or two weeks before breakdown I downloaded new software, after that my phone started be hot and quickly began to run down the battery.

    • Rami

      can u tell me the name of this software? because i downloaded unauthorized application exactly 2 weeks earlier before my phone died !!!

  • Anonymous

    my s3 just died. not even 6 months. this sucks. samsung..never again i’ll trust.

  • Fe

    This happened to me today :( Luckily a friend found your site – atleast now I know it’s not me!

  • Camila

    My S3 dawned dead today!!! =(

    • rj

      same problem with my phone..

  • Ian M.

    Looks like my Telstra Galaxy S3 suffered the dreaded death late this morning. Telstra on-line support advised me take it back to T-Shop. Only 6 months old. The worry is my wife has an S3 purchased a coupleof months later.

  • Mike T

    Woke up after charge and dead – this is crazy! 5 months for me.

  • Chewbacs

    6 Month Here im from Chile, after charge it doesnt turn on again =((((

  • Tresha Green

    Downloaded an app from Play store to try to reset the lcd density. It started acting up. Tried to reset back and reboot and was dead for good. Only had for two weeks. Mailed back to Samsung last night. The manufactured date was Christmas eve. Even though this phone was made later they still have not fixed any problems they are experiencing with it.

  • Shamaam

    same here, its just died. I have ANTI (network vulnerability testing software) couple of weeks ago. My Anti virus shows it as a threat. But i havnt remove it. Could it be coz of it? ANy way all i know is im in the same boat with all of u .

    Any home remedy?

  • eric


    Happened to me as well.

    @NIGEL LECKØ The thing to know is that Samsung are responsible for the fix of the phone, NOT vodafone. This is by australian consumer law. Also, the scratch will not void your warranty, that is bollocks.

    Get in touch with samsung and they will have to deal with it.


  • Esther R.

    This morning my phone that I had for 2 months. Good thing that Samsung galaxy phone is cover with the manufacture warranty for a year.

  • Esther R.

    This morning my phone that I had for 2 months had died. Good thing that Samsung galaxy phone is cover with the manufacture warranty for a year.

  • Yusufa Mangerov

    Have had this phone since Aug 2012. It dies suddenly and I read a bit about this sudden death issue… Contact Samsung for support and it is poor, no service centre within 3 miles and 2-3 days to arrange courier for collection and up to 8 days for assessment and repair (if possible)…. im comparison to my other phone (iPhone) is as simple as walk in and walk out with a new phone….

  • Nindy Singh

    Hi, today at school i was using my phone everything was fine. The last time i went on it was when i checked the time during lunch, then at home time my phone wouldn’t come on, it was off and i did not turn it off so i was confused. i thought its battery maybe died so i got home and put it on charge…still blank i was getting scared at this point. i left it on charge for 3 hrs hopping it would work…it didn’t so i need to get it fixed or a new one:( i got the phone in 2012 nov time. i don’t know what to do :(.. .where can i get it fixed in glasgow area?

  • steve

    speak to samsung they have a 2yr warranty on galaxy3

  • K-Br-Al

    More 1 in Brazil….

  • Ben M

    Mine has died several times over. Im based in Uk. It started acting funny once the Jellybean 4.1.2 software was installed. Worked perfectly before that update. It just cuts out you cant operate the screen the screen goes black and u cannot use the power button to restart it. At the moment the only way I can restart it is by taking the battery out.

  • akalajeel

    My S3 is 5 months old, and sadley it died yesterday, I pulled it out of my pocked, purple LED was flashing THEN suddenly it commited suicide I think :/ that’s depressing because I was an iphone fan for 5 years now, and I switched to galaxy recently, so I guess I should go bak to using the iphone !!!

  • Dylan I

    My Verizon GS3 died this morning. Was working fine first thing in the morning, the next time I went to wake it up it never came back on. Was at a full charge in the morning, did a battery pull with no luck. Replacement from Verizon is on its way. The staff at the Verizon store denied this or never heard of it when I mentioned this article and another one I found.

  • marie

    this has just happened to my phone. gutted. lost all my snaps as ive just been to dubai and took amazing photos. it died before i got home to take the images from it. it was just there on the table, not plugged in, with over 50% battery. just went off and ive tried everything to bring it back to life.
    absolutely gutted :(

  • Faraz

    my galaxy note 1 was working fine.i put it to charging and after about an hour when i pick my phone for the fb i found that it is not responding at all.it was completely dead and the bad news is,my phone warrenty is also expired….NOW I am scared what to do….any ideas

  • MIlos

    Mine died, flashed previous official rom and now it is alive for 2-3h per round. Is this Sudden Death or its begging? +1 from Slovenia

  • Dimuth

    Can anyone say how to fix it…… Plzzzzz

  • dave

    i just bought my gs3 today. put it to charge for 4 hours and never woke up again. sad.

  • Carolina

    It ran out of battery and when i put it to charge it didn’t turn on, and hasn’t ever since!!! is it the battery? help!!!!

  • Dan

    Mine too *sigh*. Galaxy sIII, 6 months old. Woke up and pulled it off charger. It worked fine for a minute then died in my arms.

  • nandita

    my galaxy S3 went off in the morning and all lost

  • steven

    I’ve had my G3 for less than a week. It’s dead.

    • Diane R.

      I had mine for two days! I wish I had know about this before I bought it.

  • Ricardo

    Does “the only resolution for this problem is to take your phone to be repaired in a specialized store” mean losing data and spending Money?

  • Mary

    My G3 which I purchased in December started acting up after updating software to icecream. Got message “charging paused, voltage too high”. Now this morning the screen is black. I tried the help listed above, hold menu ( home button) while touching power buttoni- I get a message saying low battery, can’t download.

    My question is , I purchased this phone for $299 via Boost Mobile, did not purchase their insurance because it has a $100 deductible. Their website says phones are only covered for 30 days. Say what? Does Samsung –have a manufactuer warranty?

  • Miguel

    Mi Samsung Galaxy S3 died too. It is a fraud. I’ll NEVER BUY A SAMSUNG DEVICE AGAIN!!!

  • Atox

    Happended to me as well……one mor from Argentina

    Can anyone say how to fix it…… Plzzzzz

  • Atox

    My warranty is out, What can I do? Are there any place when i can take it?

  • Gal

    I have 2 Samsung Galaxy S3 got them to my daughters 8 month ago, they both died, within the last 30 days

  • Pablo

    My GS3 is a SHV-E210L model from South Korea. Same problem…….

  • Lukasz

    Wow.. lots of comments about S3 death. My died today. But before that it was experiencing frequent sudden reboots. Sometimes it’s became unresponsive for about 30 seconds Went on for about 2 weeks and it finally died today. Off to Samsung support to get RMA. 7 months old phone. UK. On EE (previously on Orange). I wonder if Samsung has identified and acknowledged this issue?

  • sarah

    my phone has died today im thinking of the same thing as wont charge wont turn on its just dead one very unhappy lady

  • Ivan Mark

    I aslo have a Samsung Galaxy S3 with the same problem, a day before, it froze for a about a minute and turened off! I rebooted and it worked for the whole night. I continued using the phone, charged it untill it was full. Used it like for 30 minutes, it showed a Purple tint which suddenly became dark and it switched off. I removed the battery and turned it on but this was all in vain. Ever since i’ve tried powering it on but it has failed. Any advice/solution is highly appreciated.

  • Rav

    Ok so I was on the phone to my mum and when I went to terminate the call, the display was off. I could still hear the static on the phone even when she had put the phone down.

    I removed the battery waited a few mins, put the battery back in and tried turning it on. No luck. I then put the charger in, turned on the power supply and the orange charge LED didnt even come on.

    I have tried leaving in the charger for 30 mins and still the phone will not charge or show any life.

    I have also performed the hard reset of holding down the HOME, POWER and VOLUME UP buttons for more than 8 secs. Still no luck.

    I’ve had my phone for 11 months and got it directly from Orange UK.

  • ledijoey

    same here..s3 died 2days ago..damn samsung company..they knew this and this is one way to make more money.. greeding fucking shit.. samsung representative don’t know how to fix it.. he said, just remove battery after 10 seconds, put it back and phone will start.. BULLSHIT.. they send an update that disable the EMMC Chip

  • Varaanitha

    Arghh..mine committed suicide too..same story battery empty > plug in charger >no charging sign > phn death

  • RAVI

    my S3 has gone the same way, Samsung should fix the problem & recall all mobiles sold.

  • Sweetcell

    Well I join this club today with my Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE on Rogers. I found my phone powering off several times over the past week and then it would freeze and I’d have to do a battery pull to get it to restart. Then today it just will not turn on, won’t respond to a hard reset or charging. I think I’m just within my one year warranty.

  • Juan

    I was calling to god and out of nowhere my sg3 died. I plug th charger in and nothing happened so f*** off samsung

  • jenny

    i join the club!! after 1 year it just wont turn on, charge or anything

  • Salman

    My Galaxy S3 died few days ago. That is just after the warranty of one year expired. I am 100% sure that Samsung is sending some update to these phones so that they can die, thinking that we will purchase a new samsung device by which it can make repeated profits every year from the same persons. If this allegation is wrong, then samsung has to rectify this issues for all the S3s even after warranty period, because its not the customers fault but of samsung manufacturing defect.

  • Al Touqi

    My GS3 has died as wont charge wont turn on its just dead I tried to reboot but unfortunately no thing happen

  • Samuel

    I joining this club because has everyone here, my shitty samsung galaxy s3 got the Sudden Death syndrom yesterday. My carrier refused to exchange it because the pass his manufacturer warranty of 1 year. They confirm me that there was no water infiltration or shock injuries. I have to call Samsung repair center in Montreal, Canada today but honnestly i fear that they will charge me for the repair… Im seriously piss off!!!

  • aelton

    acabei de perde meu galaxy s3 mini a pois carregá-lo não ligou mais. amanhã levo pra assistência.

  • Beatriz

    My galaxy s3 is stopping suddenly. I am using it and the screen frozen or turns black. I don’t know what to do, because people are saying that here in Brazil, Samsung support is not doing anything about this problem…

  • Lesley Lee

    I charged my S3 overnight, woke up this morning & it’s dead. Will not turn on at all – dead!. Took S3 to EE shop & they are sending it off for repair – 4 weeks without my S3. Now the question is should I buy an S4 or iphone next?

  • adriano

    boa noite aconteceu comigo a 4 dias ate agora estava desesperado ja tentei passa vários programa nele para ver se corregia ,ja tentei passa ante vírus,mais agora descobri que e só levar na assistência técnica.
    Samsung vocês e melhor que isto ?

  • Moises Berdum

    I Have the same problem, just died, what cam i do, some one cam please tell me?

  • Ricardo Goes

    I have a Galaxy S3 with the same problem!!! WTF!!! @#*&@#%@(&#

  • Katlego Kgwadi

    But why is Samsung saying nothing about this?? I woke up to a DEAD S3 phone this morning; none responsive at all. clearly there is a problem with their product and they need to address this situation promptly…

  • Julian

    Sadly, my dads S3 did the same thing today. Changed batteries, tried recovery mode and download mode, nothing worked. The phone wont blink nor turn on. This is kind of disappointing. Ive been using S1, S2, S3, and now the S4 for years. Sudden death is the worse thing that can happen to a loyal customer.

  • Peter

    Same again here in the UK? Surely the phone companies who sell these are inundated???
    Why haven’t Samsung issued a recall or replacement?
    I know at least 10 people this has happened to all from Orange / EE in the UK and no help from them at all just a lot of shrugging and head scratching and the usual you must have dropped it in water accusation…
    I’m sure Apple will be laughing at Samsung now and because of this as I will be buying one tomorrow and certainly not from Orange…
    May I suggest that we all send Samsung and Orange UK a message where it will certainly hurt them the most by buying an apple and avoiding EE at all costs…. One disheartened and now poor ex-samsung fan !!

  • POP

    Joining the club , from United Arab Emirates.
    I brought it to the service center. They are quick to respond. I would need to pay for 250USD for a motherboard replacement. Not sure if I would go for it, the market price of this phone is now around 380 to 400USD. All in all, it sucks, I did not see this coming and I’ve lost my contact list, plus all the hassles.

  • Deboh Gray

    worked find all day had it on the charger in the car on my way home got home turned the car off my phone immediately powered down charged it all night no power

  • Ilya

    Latvia, 2 years-and-something old S3. Went off today twice. First time replacing the battery helped, the second time it didn’t. It’s Sunday now and I can’t even take it to the service. But as my warranty ended a couple months ago, odds are I’ll have to buy a new phone ASAP. The only thing I know for sure is, it won’t be a Samsung.

  • Vick

    This happened to me I had my s3 little over two years and my phone never had a scratch I called Samsung and because my warranty was up they wanted me to pay 75 dollars for repair sad to say I went and bought a iPhone 6 I really loved my galaxy and was waiting on the galaxy s6 guess I’m team iPhone now

  • kyra mendoza

    With my phone it turns on but then turns off but when i go and charges it ..it stays on but after I take it off the charge it turns off and I can turn it back on but then it goes off email me if you know how to fix this

  • Wayne Carter

    Mine just died too. Will not turn on, tried another fully charged battery. Nothing it will not do anything at all. Is Samsung helping with this still with old models?

  • Julianna PeaceCorps Samper

    Where can I go to get this fixed in the Republic of Moldova? I am a Peace Corps volunteer in Eastern Europe and this was my main means of communication. HELP please!

  • Chanda Spies

    How do I get my gs3 repaired? I live in Austin, Texas. My phone (sprint) Has the insane chip and is dead.

  • Tee

    happened to me this morning. will go to centre to fix it. i hope i dont hv to buy new phone. if it is, samsung will be not in the list.

  • Ollecius

    My phone have slept in and never woke up! Exactly 3 years! Fuck, how do i recover my data now without paying hundreds of bucks…

  • Seth

    I am new to this Samsung-f*cking-Club
    What a shame for Samsung!
    They Should repair it fully regardless of warranty length
    I’m going to buy just iphone, like my brother,

  • Somanna


    • Cynthia

      I have the same problem, just this afternoon. I soaked it in rice, thinking it possibly still had some water damage. Did this for 4 1/2 hours…and it still refuses to do anything. it’s like it killed itself. I’m like “what have I done to you?!? I put AVG on you, all that good stuff.” Ran regular checks on it…I just don’t understand.!!

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  • EmileB

    And people, don’t make the mistake to buy a Galaxy S4 as your next model. That thing will crash many times per week, out of the blue… Never a Samsung again !!!

  • Valuable information. Lucky me I found your web site accidentally, and I am shocked why this coincidence didn’t took place in advance! I bookmarked it.

  • Boubouki

    My book’s s3 just died. My book feels depressed and wants to suicide.please help me… I love her and I don’t want to get hurt.

  • Rosy Smith

    Yep mine is dead too. Had so many problems with samsung. wont be buying from samsung anymore

  • Rolo

    My s3 mini died last week… Was using it and it just went black and switched itself off, wouldn’t turn back on again. Charging screen comes on when plugged in but it just won’t power on… Took it to phone shop and can’t get it repaired because it’s just out of warranty, also because it has a crack in the screen (I dropped it a couple of months ago) apparently repairs companies won’t even look at it. Have now bought a new phone – not a Samsung!! – however I want to get my recent data back e.g. photos and videos which I hadn’t yet backed up… Not sure if this can be done though?? As the phone won’t switch on and it’s password protected so I’m not sure if the data will be able to be retrieved :(

  • Rob Hewlett

    A major problem samsug not doing anything so tell everyone you know crap company they go bust as nobody buys its products just result!!!

  • Ted

    Phone worked fine this morning. Left it charging and went to a meeting. When I got back it wont turn on. I cant even do a factory reset!

  • Unl

    Ours is died also…S3 mini.

    • Den

      Got the same problem but found that when I removed SIM card the phone stayed on all night hardly using any battery, got on to wi-fi but of course can’t make or receive calls or sms. As soon as I replaced the SIM card the phone switches off. To make matters even more weird, the SIM card works fine in my old Samsung Galaxy so I have reverted to the old phone for the time being. I have requested my service provider to replace my SIM card and see what happens!
      The point is all the comments about power switches, new battery, etc, etc are just shots in the dark. I am disgusted that Samsung have not adressed this problem. On none of the forums that I have been on have any comments from bona-fide Samsung techies, yet this problem is at least 2 years old and ongoing.
      Will I buy another Samsung?? Big NO!!
      Will I tell all my friends and acquaintances??? A big YES!!!!

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  • Aicca

    I have same ” Sudden Death ” issue on my Samsung s3 2 an half year old. I’ve been in the repair shop to day , it’s fixed. But when I started downloading apps, the screen went off and I can’t open it right now…
    Samsung s3. SGH-T999

    Hope you can help me. About this issue

What's my model number?

There are several ways to locate your model number:

Option 1
On your device, go to Settings, then "About device" and scroll down to "Model number"
Option 2
Often times you can view the model number inside the device, by removing the battery
Option 3
Using Samsung's model/serial number location tool