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On Android smartphones, especially those running Android Marshmallow, a screen overlay error sometimes pops up. This error occurs when your smartphone is dealing with an application that floats on top of menus and other applications. One of the popular apps that causes this problem is Facebook. Moreover Twilight, CleanMaster, and Lux are also other apps that cause this issue.

Many users across the globe have reported experiencing this issue on Motorola and Samsung devices. The ‘screen overlay detected’ error gets in the way of your app usage, and even causes issues with other unrelated apps. Don’t panic! This roundup will guide you to solving the issue in a matter of few minutes.

Step 1

Find what application have permission to draw over your device’s screen.

For Samsung devices, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Settings
  • Open Application and then tap on Application manager
  • Click on More, then Apps that can appear on top

For Android smartphones other than Samsung devices

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on the magnifying glass found at the top right
  • Then enter the search term draw
  • Click on Draw over other apps
  • Nevertheless, there is an alternative route.  Tap on the Apps > (gear icon) then on Draw over other apps

Step 2

You’ll find a list of applications which have permission to use screen overlays such as floating buttons. You should identify the application causing the problem and deactivate its permission to draw over screen.

How to identify the application that is causing the ‘screen overlay detected’ issue:

  • An application installed causing changing of colors on display or has the ability to adjust brightness automatically.
  • CleanMaster can be a problem maker. In case you see this app on the list, disable it without hesitating.
  • If an application bubbles your device’s screen. If you see, be certain that the app is the cause. Either hide the application bubble or disable it in the list.

Step 3

Now launch the application again. It is supposed to request permission without the ‘display overlay detected’ error popping up.

For Samsung owners, there is a direct keyboard setting (one-handed operation) that can cause the issue. Deactivate it by opening the Settings to Advanced features and then to One-handed operation

Step 4

After disabling all the troublemakers, open the application that you received the error. If the troublemaking application is disabled, the initial application will open the way it is intended.

Step 5

After you have open the application that was causing the error successfully, you can now open the drawn applications again. This is because your applications now have permission to run alongside your drawn applications.


This error can be detected in a matter of few minutes. After a couple of minutes, you can open your application without a problem. It is can be unfortunate to repeat the same process but once you have done it, you are free to use your smartphone’s screen without this error popping up again.

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  • Sam1

    What worked for me quickly was removing simple apps like my flashlight app and clean sweep app once I did that my phone was back in business.I had tried everything else in settings with no luck till I uninstalled those 2 apps.

  • Sam1

    Once I uninstalled my flashlight and clean sweep app my phone was back in business.I tried everything in settings no luck till I removed those apps.

  • Andrei M.

    Has this worked for you? Let us know on our forum: http://forum.updato.com/

    Also, if it hasn’t – our community is quite knowledgeable, if something went wrong we can help!

  • anoj

    I have disabled the screen overlay option for all applications but yet when I try granting permission to any application, I am still getting this error.

  • Hello
    can you please share any other methods ?
    This was not working for me !!

  • adam smith

    I love how you have these simple steps that don’t work. I disabled it in every app then did the same for system apps, rebooted, it still detects a screen overlay.

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