Android Samsung update software explained: Kies vs. Odin

BY Tudor Graur / February 24, 2017
BY Tudor Graur / February 24, 2017 / Featured, How To

Samsung owns the majority of the Android smartphones on the market and when it comes to Android Samsung Update software, users have thousands of questions and demands. Everybody wants their phone to be updated to the latest Android version but that will never be possible. Even though Samsung could keep all their phones updated to the latest firmware version, this wouldn’t go very well with their strategy, which is: flagship phones get the latest updates; if you want Jelly Bean 4.2.2, get a Galaxy S4, otherwise you have to wait.

One thing that needs to be clarified is what software can be used to update the firmware of a Samsung device. There are 2 update software programs that do exactly this: the first one is the official one, Samsung Kies and the second one is Odin, a leaked Samsung software that actually installs a new firmware rather than updating it.

Android Samsung Update Software Nb. 1: Samsung Kies

Kies is Samsung’s own software for managing content on your Samsung device and also for updating the phone to the latest released firmware. You can download Samsung Kies from the official webiste, connect your device to the PC using the USB cable and start the program. If there is an update waiting you will see it on the screen. The software will recommend you to update by simply clicking on a button.

Samsung kies update software

In order to update your phone using the Kies software, Samsung will have to release the firmware for your specific country and carrier first. This means that you will not be able to install an update that was released in the UK if it wasn’t released in the US yet.

For more information about how to update your device using Kies visit our tutorial.

Android Samsung Update Software Nb. 2: Odin


Odin is a software that can flash an entire firmware on any Samsung device (and only Samsung) when the device is put in Download Mode, bypassing the recovery and boot mode. This is not an open-sourced program and it is said to have been leaked on the internet from Samsung, that was using it to install and test new firmware versions.


However as this is not officially provided by Samsung you can only install firmwares that have been released on the internet and have the .tar.md5 extension. The procedure will be considered unofficial but most of the times the firmwares are exactly as the original ones. Here you can learn more information about installing an official firmware with Odin.

The advantage of using Odin is that you can install updates that have been released for other countries. This can prove very useful if you come from a region that always gets updates last.

Because this program completely writes the entire system it can also prove to be very dangerous if the installation process is suddenly interrupted. This could brick your device and sometimes this can be fixed also with Odin but sometimes there’s nothing else you can do.


  1. i have a s4 version i9505xxudmh8, 4.2.2 .based on what i keep reading on google, because of the linus enforcing knoxx, this version cant be update it, via ota or kies, and with odin its bricking.any decent solution with minimum risk to get to 4.3 stock firmware?thanks

    1. Hey nick,

      Sorry for the 3 year old response, but you could now try our firmware archive for original, official Samsung firmware. Come join us on our forum for additional help:

  2. Hi,
    I’ve just installed Kies version.
    The problem is that it won’t recognize my Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570IXXMB1 phone. My box is a W7 x64, the FileManager sees the phone as external drive G. :(
    any suggestion?

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