How to set up your Android Wear smartwatches

BY Bethwel Njore / January 10, 2017
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BY Bethwel Njore / January 10, 2017 / Devices

Android Wear is among the most popular operating systems for the wearables and is found on many of the great smartwatches you can purchase. If you have just bought a new Android Wear smartwatch, here is how to set up and use your Android Smartwatch.

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The setup for Android Wear is fairly straightforward but that does not mean that no one struggles in the process. For those who may need some little help, here is a roundup of what you need to do on your smartwatch and your smartphone to get things going.

Set up Android Wear on your smartwatch

  • First, you will need to unbox the Android Wear smartwatch
  • Then Chare it up with the charger
  • Switch it on. If your smartwatch does not have a physical button, place it in your charging cradle when power is connected.

Set up Android Wear on your Android phone

  • You will need to download the Android Wear application and make sure the smartwatch is switched on. You will also have to make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your Android device.
  • Open the application

Pair it with your smartphone

  • Your smartwatch will prompt your to select a language and then ask you to start up the application.
  • Pair your handset. To do this, you will need to allow the prompts on your device till you get to the selection screen. Hit the device in the list of Bluetooth handsets that has the same code as that in the smartwatch.
  • Confirm that your Android device is properly paired to the smartwatch. Go through the next prompts and your smartwatch will start updating its software. Sometimes the update may be larger, so you will probably want to do it when your smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • The Android Wear application will prompt you to activate the notification access. However, this depends on your settings. You just need to follow the prompts keenly as you check the box that is next to the Android Wear in the Notification Settings.
  • By now, your smartwatch should be updating. You will then run through a tutorial which explains the basics of the smartwatch. The system is interesting. Pay attention to the tutorials to get most out of the smartwatch.

Keep in mind that the Android Wear smartwatch is just an extension of your smartphone. The Android Wear application will need vital settings and your smartwatch needs applications installed on your Android phone to do everything.

Source: Android Community

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