Are these the best Android TV boxes

BY Bethwel Njore / February 24, 2017
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BY Bethwel Njore / February 24, 2017 / Devices

One amazing Android TV! That’s all you need and you’ll find it quite easy to abandon that expensive cable and start saving a lot of money (thousands of dollars). Better yet, you don’t have to lose access to a single one of your favorite movies, TV shows, and games.

I know that for most folks, it can be quite hard to choose an Android TV from all the variety available out there. This quick guide can help you choose the best Android box for exactly your budgets and needs.

The kitbox x92

This incredible box is loaded with Mali- T820 GPU, and Amlogic S912 Octa-Core Cortex A5 processor giving you ultra-fast app speed. In addition to that, it also supports content decoding and plays almost all popular audio and video formats.

X92 can provide reliable network access with high data rates by the gigabit Ethernet and 802.11 a dual band WIFI supporting 2.4G and 5.8G, 3db antenna.

Source: Amazon

Amazon fire TV

Customers should definitely consider purchasing Amazon fire TV. It was the first available device that could manage Ultra HD video streams from several services. The voice search is incredible, and with Alexa, it’s only getting even better.

Amazon fire TV is available at a low price. And it offers access to massive TV shows plus exclusive Amazon content, and thousands of movies too.

It runs a version of Android 5.1 designed for media players. You can purchase Amazon fire box direct from

Source: Plex


  • Relatively affordable
  • Biggest selection of 4k movies and shows
  • Fast processor and responsive graphics
  • Excellent voice command and search UI

NVIDIA shield TV

For users who want more power and storage from their streaming device, then NVIDIA shield box is a must-have.

It is one of the few devices to support YouTube streaming, Amazon prime and 4K Netflix.

This device sports some hardcore specs starting with Tegra x1 CPU with a 3GB RAM, and a standard storage of 16GB which can be supplemented with MicroSD flash.

Source: The International Inside


  • MicroSD expandability
  • Familiar game controller design
  • Powerful processor and graphics
  • Streaming game selection and wide native


It is a compact unit that can fit in any entertainment center. MINIX NEO appeared at the top of “best TV Box” list for the past two decades. Others will even say it’s one of the best Android TV out there. It supports up to 10-bit color format and is responsive to user inputs.

This incredible Box comes with a very cool and useful air mouse. It’s much easier to type with this mouse. In addition to that, it has a custom interface which put things that users would want on their home screen.

Source: Amazon


  • Plays full HD and 4K videos.
  • Android 4.4 operating system
  • Built in WIFI + Bluetooth 4.0
  • 3 USB port.

Matricom G-Box Q2

This box was designed last year with the ability to support Amazon Prime video, as well as to bring a wide range of entertainment content right to your living room.

It is currently on sale for under $100, compared to what most full-on Android TV flagship cost.



  • Relatively affordable
  • Optimized for Kodi with good official support
  • First Wireless – AC WIFI standard.

Any of these android TV boxes should take your entertainment to the next level. If you have no fresh plans to purchase an Android TV box, see this article on how you can watch videos from your Android phone on TV.

Image Source: YouTube


  1. One advantage of the Minix compared to nVidia is that it uses standard Android with the normal Play Store. On nVidia Shield you are restricted to Android TV apps (or you could try to sideload).

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