Supercell has a new war game that is based on Clash of Clans free-to-play world known as Clash Royale. The Supercell incorporated some real-time battle mechanics on this new game. The gameplay includes a battle part is in real time and it flows based on the cards you have in your collection.

You have a deck of up to 8 cards to take to the battleground, while your wider deck expands as your progress and unleash more cards from chests. Of the 8 cards, 4 are available during the battle at any time. One card used in the battleground is replaced by another, and you can be able to clearly see what is available in the next battle.

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Join a Clan

While it is not that important, joining a clan grants you with several bonuses as you level up. You can exchange cards such as giving away cards that you have no use for or ask for cards from the fellow clan members. This gives you free upgrades.

Additionally, you can spectate matches. This is a risk-free and accessible way of getting new strategies and also observing how units react and behave on the field.

Utilize your Chests

Chests are obviously the heart of Clash Royale. They contain rewards, gold, and precious cards. They do come in a range of variants some which are far much better than others. There are also free chests that are handed out many times a day so make sure you keep an eye on these and also other precious freebies.

Attack and Defend

Do your level best to attack and defend in each battle, you are more likely to become victorious to keep your towers safe as you level up. This can be easily achieved by increasing your army with units which have multiple uses. For instance, you can use your trolls for both defense and attack with their high damage input.

Hordes tend to be a total nuisance in wiping out units and knocking down towers. So it is important you wipe them quickly. Valkyries, Bomb Towers, and Bombers are a fantastic way of taking out minions and armies without putting yourself in great danger.

Fireballs and damage cards are also concise and quick. Keeping them upgraded is an added advantage.

Source: Android Games

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