Use Google Trusted Contacts app to let your loved ones know you are safe

BY Bethwel Njore / January 4, 2017
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BY Bethwel Njore / January 4, 2017 / Apps

Whether you are at a party or walking alone down a street after dark – sometimes it is worth know that someone has got your back. This helps you feel safe and also give your loved ones peace of mind. Google Trusted contacts allow you to share you to share your location with your friends and family members in your everyday activities and when emergencies arise.

Download Trusted Contacts

Trusted Contacts allows you to create a list of trusted contacts who can access your location anywhere. Instead of texting or calling you, they just have to click a button and find your exact location.

Before adding any contacts, the application prompts you to activate the location sharing and location history. Most people have this option already turned on if they use a location-based app on their Android device.

After enabling your location history and location sharing, add trusted contacts. The trusted contacts can now see your location via the application. They do not need to install the application to see your current location. Instead, you can send an invite via email to check your location. They will just need to clink the link to access your location on the Web.

Do not share the address with anyone else as it is a publically visible link and this can be a privacy concern. Moreover, you can stop sharing the location if you want to after which no one will know your location.

The operation is very easy as you just need to hit a button to start sharing your location and do the same to stop sharing it. The good thing about this app is that your loved can see while you are commuting.

How it works

If say there has been an accident in the area you were visiting, you can ping the trusted contacts your exact location to let them know that you are safe. Your trusted contacts can also pin you asking to share your exact location. You can choose to share or deny it.

However, in case you do not reply within 5 minutes, the application automatically sends the person your location. Once the location is shared, your loved one will be able to see you on the map and track your movement.

Source: VentureBeat

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