Piano Tiles 2: Melodious

BY Bethwel Njore / December 30, 2016
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BY Bethwel Njore / December 30, 2016 / Apps

Most of us have definitely heard ‘Do not tap the white tile’ commonly known as Piano Tiles. You can spend a lot of hours playing this game till your fingers become frozen. At first, this game was not that addictive until the Clean Master Games released an improved version known as Piano Tiles 2.

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Alla Turca, Cannon in D and Sonata in E Major are a few songs of many played in Piano Tiles 2. The original games had many ways you could play such as Zen and Arcade. However, Piano Tiles 2 does no longer have these options. It now focuses on perfecting the game.

Players have the ability to decide what song to play. The songs and levels become harder as you progress. Moreover, a bonus level referred to as ‘Endless Rush’ is added at the end of a song you are playing to challenge you. The more levels you play, the more coins you earn. These coins are used to unlock songs to play.

Songs are played in a continuous flow and this makes the song move in a smooth manner and also challenges the player to tap faster. If you are a competitive player, the app lets you compete with players around the globe. Additionally, the game has a Hall mode that requires a player to play multiple songs endlessly and the score is calculated on the number of tiles you hit per seconds. This game has 3 levels of difficulty for this mode: Beginner, Senior, and Master.

Piano tiles 2 has multiple classic songs from Mozart to Beethoven for your enjoyment. The game also includes a stamina count that is represented by a heart icon that shows you the number of songs you can play before you wait for it to refill.

Overall, Piano Tiles 2 is addictive and exciting once you have a good grasp of it. It even offers a better responsiveness when compared to the original game. Piano Tiles 2 also offers you a wide range of songs, unlike its predecessor. The game is definitely worth downloading. Give it a try.

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