The official Badland 2 is now available on Android

BY Bethwel Njore / September 20, 2016
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BY Bethwel Njore / September 20, 2016 / Apps

The official Badland 2 has arrived to Android in co-operation with Cheetah Mobile & Frogmind. This game is still like the original, with its physics-based gameplay. The graphics are now clearer and more pronounced while the challenges are more difficult.

Badland 2 is so refined and sleek even before considering the new gameplay tweaks. Even though you are navigation little critters through shadow, dangerous environments, this game is surprisingly very relaxing. When compared to the first version, this game quite de-stressing to play at times, the noises made by the characters as they collide are gentle sounds while the unfortunate demises they made were soft pops. Nothing is jarring about the experience.

Just like the first version of Badland, this game is easy to control, you just have to tap on your handset’s screen to get the critters to flapping. However, in Badland 2, they are new right taps and left taps that let you control the direction of the character.

There are also added new threats from flamethrowers and lasers to really sharp spikes. Moreover, the level of challenge has been made more advanced than the first.

This game is just as accessible as the previous one and the simple addition of going backward have made it deeper than its predecessor. This feature allows more exploration as well as transverse no just right and left, but also up and down.

Most traps and obstacles in the game will catch you off-guard during the first play on each level. You will find yourself dying a lot but if you play a certain level few times, the game will be easy as one to three.

This game has an online mode that allows you to race against ghosts of other players.

Features of Badland 2

  • It has a single player campaign with challenging imaginative levels
  • Internet connection is not required for single player
  • It has highly immersive audio-visual experience
  • It also has achievements and leaderboards.

This award-winning game has been made more advanced than its predecessor with a lot of new features, online events, and crazy levels. It is one of the best Android applications in Google Play Store, hence it is worth giving it a try.

Source: AndroidCentral

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