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BY Octavian Uruc / April 26, 2013
BY Octavian Uruc / April 26, 2013 / Apps

unnamedDropbox is available for FREE on Google Play.

Description of Dropbox for Android

This application is very useful if you use to store a large amount of data on your device. The application lets you manage your files and move them where you want. If you install it to your computer, the application will save all files stored in it to all your devices that use the application. This is a quick method to store files when you are on the go. Also, you can use the application to share content with your friends.

There are some very good features offered by this application: always have your important data with you, save videos or pictures, share content with your friends, save email attachments to it, edit docs.

Enjoy using it!

Free Download Dropbox from Google Play.

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