4 Best Android icon packs your phone needs for ultimate customization

BY H. Parvez / March 8, 2017
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BY H. Parvez / March 8, 2017 / Apps, Competition

Regardless of where your loyalty lies in terms of mobile OS, there is no dispute over the fact that Android is the master of customization. From changing the wallpapers and adding widgets, to setting up themes and installing launchers – Android can do it all.

However, one specific UI element that a lot of us grind over is the icons, which most OEMs like to standardize. Whether you are tired of the typical Samsung Galaxy icons, or need some flavor to the vanilla stock Android experience, here are 4 Android icon packs your phones needs right now.

Retrorika Icon Pack

Are you an old timer who feels that the vector graphics of the retro era are pretty much lost these days? Fortunately for you, Retrorika is bringing back the glory of the old days with a heavy punch of the material design everyone loves and adores. With compatibility for more than 25 launchers and a massive icon pack, this Android icon pack is sure to put your phone into the disco groove.

Download Retrorika Icon Pack

CandyCons – Icon Pack

A pioneer is free material design icons app, CandyCons offers a more hands-on approach to giving each of the app icons a personalized taste. With more than 1070 app icons in its arsenal, CandyCons comes with multiple variations and color choices for a single app. Apart from the true material design icons, you also get 20 glorious wallpapers to choose from.

Download CandyCons – Icon Pack

Urmun – Icon Pack

A beast among the best Android icon packs, Urmun is packed with the best of Google’s material design and a splash of fresh colors. The slick icons pack comes with 3670 offerings in total, you get more than the splash of goodness to make your Android device user interface look like none of the others.

Download Urmun – Icon Pack

Min – Icon Pack

If the overly humongous app icons aren’t your style and you enjoy minimalist icons, Min is sure to feel like a godsend. This awesome free Android icons pack comes with a striking balance of colors and design form while ensuring that each app icon resembles the original app icon design in its essence.

Download Min – Icon Pack

Do you have an Android icon pack installed that you would like to mention in the comments down below?

Source: Google Play Store
Image: YouTube

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